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Antioch criminal records provide a wealth of information, ranging from somebody’s conviction history to present charges for which they have yet to be convicted. These records can be accessed through court systems, private businesses concentrating on background checks, or online databases.

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Local Antioch CA Criminal Resources.

Antioch Police Department (APD)
300 L St, Antioch, CA 94509
Phone: (925) 779-6900
Public Records

Superior Court Martinez (Felony, Misdemeanor, Juvenile)
Online – Web
Onsite – Yes
725 Court St Martinez, CA 94553

Contra Costa County Sheriff (CCCSO)
1850 Muir Road, Martinez, CA 94553
(925) 655-0000
In Custody Inmate Locator
Most Wanted
Records & ID Unit
Request a Police Report
Sex Offenders

Antioch City Clerk’s Office
200 H St, Antioch, CA 94509
Phone: (925) 779-7009

Antioch Court Records

If you know the court where a case was considered, you can contact that court to access the appropriate records. In some circumstances, these records are available online, eliminating the requirement for in-person requests.

Antioch Police Records

Public police records are an important resource for examining somebody’s Antioch criminal past. They compose information about previous arrests, convictions, and any encounters with police.
Online databases, searchable by name, birth date, or other identifiers, are the most common avenue for obtaining these records. Additionally, the Freedom of Information Act enables people to request non-classified government records, including those related to law enforcement.

Arrest Records

Public records are an outstanding source for discovering arrest records in Antioch CA. These can be searched online, accessed at a local courthouse, or requested from the police department where the arrest happened. Please note that not all public records are readily available online.

Inmate Records

Local Antioch, state, and federal correctional facilities keep inmate records. Each institution has its process for making these records openly available. While available, these records can be challenging to find or gain access to.

Categories Of Criminal Records:

Infraction Records

Infractions in Antioch CA are minor offenses typically punished with a fine or fairly small penalty, unlike misdemeanors, which are severe offenses that may lead to jail time or a considerable charge.

Misdemeanor Records

Antioch misdemeanors are criminal offenses punishable by imprisonment or a fine. These offenses are less serious than felonies and can be classified as mid or minor. Mid misdemeanors, consisting of DUI, domestic abuse, and theft, are serious offenses that can result in up to a year in jail. Minor misdemeanors, such as minor traffic offenses, public drunkenness, and disorderly conduct, are less serious.

Antioch Felony Records

Antioch felony convictions can lead to long prison terms, considerable fines, or loss of certain civil liberties. Convicted felons may likewise be disallowed from things or owning guns.

Antioch Sex Offender Records

The Antioch sex offender registry is a crucial resource when performing criminal background checks. It comprises information on convicted sex offenders in the United States and can be searched by location or name. To perform a search, you must offer the person’s name and other determining details. The search results page will include their offender status.

Antioch Dui / Dwi Records

While most Antioch DUIs are categorized as misdemeanors, some could be charged as felonies based on the situation. A misdemeanor DUI normally brings a night in jail, whereas a felony DUI can result in longer sentences.

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