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Conducting a Bakersfield criminal record check can be useful for numerous reasons; whether you’re looking for a nanny or caretaker, meeting somebody for the first time through online dating, or are just curious about a neighbor, a criminal background check can provide some comfort. It provides the benefit of information, aiding you in making an informed decision concerning others.

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Local Bakersfield CA Criminal Resources.

Bakersfield Police Department
1601 Truxtun Ave, Bakersfield, CA 93301
Phone: (661) 327-7111
Police Records
Most Wanted Warrant Suspects

Superior Court Metropolitan Division (Felony)
Online Criminal – Web
Onsite – Yes
1415 Truxtun Ave Bakersfield, CA 93301

Kern County Sheriff’s Office (KCSD)
1350 Norris Rd, Bakersfield, CA 93308
Phone: (661) 391-7500
Most Wanted
In Custody Jail Inmates
Crime Reports and Arrest Records
Sex Offenders

Kern County Superior Court – Traffic Division
3131 Arrow St, Bakersfield, CA 93308
Phone: (661) 610-7000

Bakersfield Court Records

Criminal court records, part of the United States public records, are accessible to anyone who adheres to the procedures.
Various techniques exist for criminal Bakersfield court record searches, relying on your needs and preferences. One reliable method is to contact the county staff where the case was evaluated to acquire copies of the available public records. Additionally, specialized online services can assist in criminal court record searches.

Bakersfield Police Records

There are numerous opportunities to acquire Bakersfield police records. One can directly get in touch with the police agency that authored the record, request records from the relevant state or city government establishment, or speak with a business that maintains data sources with public records, including police reports.
While a few of these solutions will have a fee, certain police records are public and can be accessed without a formal request.
Several jurisdictions provide internet access to occurrence records and arrest records. Nonetheless, some police records, especially those involving recurring criminal investigations or sensitive personal info, might not be openly and easily accessible without a court order.

Arrest Records

In many states, arrest records are public and easily obtainable, without exemptions such as sealed or expunged records. These records give considerable information regarding a person, including their name, date of birth, mugshot, and criminal activity.
Looking at these records, one can amass details regarding an individual’s Bakersfield criminal background, including arrests.

Inmate Records

Accessing inmate records can be required when looking up information regarding an individual’s criminal history in Bakersfield CA. In most states, these records are openly obtainable, with some information being limited.
To initiate the search, you must know the inmate’s name and state they are in.

Categories Of Criminal Records:

Infraction Records

Infractions comprise most of the cases presented in the United States courts. A Bakersfield infraction is a small offense, normally culpable by a fine, charge, or, in uncommon situations, jail time. Traffic violations are the most common infractions, yet they can also include other minor offenses.

Misdemeanor Records

Misdemeanors are the most widespread criminal offense, with the USA recording around 10 million misdemeanor arrests annually. These are less severe criminal activities than felonies, typically punishable with penalties or temporary imprisonment. Common Bakersfield misdemeanors include assault and battery, DUI, burglary, and trespassing.

Bakersfield Felony Records

When examining a person’s Bakersfield felony document, many options exist. Online criminal background examination solutions are usually the most efficient methods, having access to different public records, including those regarding felonies.

Bakersfield Sex Offender Records

A sex offender is convicted of a sex crime, which requires them to register with the local Bakersfield police and keep their enrollment updated.
This registration includes their address, picture, and the crime for which they were convicted.

Bakersfield Dui / Dwi Records

Driving intoxicated (DUI) is considered a crime in all states and Bakersfield CA. Also, a misdemeanor DUI can lead to jail time, fines, and other penalties, such as license suspension.
Certain states may mandate the installation of an ignition interlock gadget on your car following a DUI conviction, stopping the vehicle’s operation if alcohol is found.
A felony DUI fee can be filed in cases of multiple DUI sentences or if the DUI caused injury or death to others.

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