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Berkeley inmate records are a treasure trove of information. They often contain important details, such as name, birth date, place, and additional identifying information.
Additionally, you might find this information valuable for criminal background checks, which could help you look into the reason they were sent to prison or jail.

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Berkeley Resources

Berkeley Police Department (BPD Inmate Search)

2100 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Berkeley, CA 94704

(510) 981-5900

Open Data and Public Records

Berkeley PD Log Jail Bookings

Alameda County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO Inmate Roster)

1401 Lakeside Drive, 12th Floor Oakland, CA 94612-4305


Inmate Locator

Criminal Record Requests


Superior Court Criminal (Felony)


Onsite – Yes

1225 Fallon St, Rm 107 Oakland, CA 94612



Berkeley City Jail

2100 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Berkeley, CA 94704

Phone: (510) 981-5766



Berkeley Inmate Search Online

The internet will usually be the best resource to do a Berkeley inmate search for looking up inmate information. All states have an internet DOC database of inmates that can be searched and federal prisons.
Private companies offer this service as well.

California State Prison VS County Jail

There are a few differences between a prison and a jail. Most Berkeley jails are administered by the county sheriff’s department, while the government oversees prisons. Jails are typically for people who have not been tried yet or have misdemeanors. California prisons are for people convicted of felonies and repeat offenders.

California Prison Inmate Search

You can call the California prison directly to request info information. A prison DOC website should contain a list of inmates as well. There you can simply type the person’s name to see the results.

Berkeley Jail Inmate Search

A handful of tools are available to you if your goal is to find an inmate in a Berkeley jail.
Try searching the county’s website, contacting a sheriff’s bureau, or using a search engine to find local public record databases like court records.
If you have a name, you have the capacity to search the county website. Most major counties will have an online directory of inmates. If you’re looking for an inmate who is not in county jail anymore, you should check the court records.

Berkeley Jail Mugshots

Google or another inmate-based search engine will allow you to look up mugshots online. Search for the inmate’s name and “Berkeley mugshot” for a results list.
Remember that not every inmate will have mugshots published online, so finding one online may be impossible. And in some cases, you’ll need to call the sheriff’s department or the jail directly.

Berkeley Jail Log

Many law enforcement departments offer online databases that can be searched for by name or case number. Or you can request copies from the records department.

Berkeley Jail Roster

The Berkeley Jail Roster contains a list detailing all current inmates in jail. The jail roster shows all inmates alphabetically ordered by their last names. It also provides information on whether an individual is being held or released.

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