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Background check companies provide specific types of background checks for different situations. Using local and direct databases is a good choice as it is the best record check tool for most people. It is suitable for people that have to do Corona background checks without being confined to an obligation. It is necessary to understand that local resources will not show 100% of someone’s criminal record because they are limited to a specific area.

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Riverside County

Corona Local Area Search

Superior Court (Traffic, Evictions, Small Claims)
Online –
Onsite – Yes
505 S Buena Vista Ave, Rm 201 Corona, CA 92882

Corona Police Department
730 Public Safety Way, Corona, CA 92880
(951) 736-2330
Records Section –

  • Crime Reports
  • Traffic Reports
  • Incident Reports
  • Local Corona Criminal History Records Check

Web-Based Corona Criminal Background Check

A criminal record check is often needed when someone wants to determine whether another person has been arrested or convicted of any illegal acts. Criminal record checks are often used to decide whether somebody may present a risk to other individuals or perhaps create a dangerous situation.

Inmate Offender Information Search

JAIL is a detention facility in Corona where individuals stay when they’re expecting trial or sentencing. Typically, a jail is managed by local law enforcement officials, and also there’s just a single level of security. However, PRISON is a center for those who have already gotten their term, and the trial has proved them to be criminals. In contrast with jails, prisons are managed by state or federal government; a few prisons are managed by private organizations that make an agreement with the federal government.

Locate Free Background Check Tools

To cut costs, you might consider the Do-it-yourself method for your background check. In the high-tech society we live in today, we can find almost anything.

When conducting your background check, do not overlook Corona public records, which have vital information regarding just about anyone. A quick internet search may provide access to many different personal documents like marriage certificates, birth records, divorce proceedings decrees, trials along with court hearings, death records, and much more. Although you will have to evaluate every single individual report you find, it’s all there and readily available for public viewing.

Acquire Corona Police Information For Background Records Searches

The records department at the police station maintains all the primary, investigative and criminal information for local Law Enforcement. The Records Division is responsible for handling and maintaining crime and police arrest records, traffic accident information, citations, and related files to give information to other departments in the Law Enforcement Center, the County Attorney’s Office, the Court System, and other Corona law enforcement bureaus and the public.

Varieties of Background Checks Repositories Out There

Corona County-Level Criminal Search
Law enforcement officials report charges due to arrests on felony, misdemeanor, and other offenses at the county court level. The County Criminal Record Search is conducted in areas where the individual is most likely to have information registered, such as the latest and last counties of residency.

California Statewide Criminal Search
This search is used to acquire data from those states that do not provide Immediate Criminal Record Searches and improve any County Criminal Record Search.

It is a Nationwide search for any data in the US.

Federal Criminal Search
Violations of Federal law are registered in US Federal District Courts. Federal Statutes include major offenses like weapons charges, embezzlement, immigration infraction, robbery, drug trafficking, and kidnapping.

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