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Escondido background checks are done by comparing identifying info, for instance, a name and birth date, to a data source of criminal information to see whether there is a criminal record. These inspections can be used to protect the public from possible monetary and safety issues. Typically, an individual will use a state database or outside sources who specializes in background checks.

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Escondido City Research Tools

Superior Court Criminal (Felony, Misdemeanor)
Online –
Onsite Search – Yes
1100 Union St Central Courthouse San Diego, CA 92101

Superior Court Civil Central Records (Civil, Eviction, Small Claims, Juvenile)
Online By Case –
Online By Name –
Onsite Search – Yes
1100 Union St Central Courthouse San Diego, CA 92101

Family Law Court (Family Law, Child Support, Marriage, Child Custody)
Online –
Onsite Search – Yes
1100 Union St 4th Fl San Diego, CA 92101

Escondido Police Department
1163 Centre City Parkway, Escondido, CA 92026
(760) 839-4722
Local Background Checks –
Police Reports –

Obtain a Escondido Criminal Background Check

Criminal records protect the public by ensuring that people understand that they might live close to or are dealing with somebody who has a criminal past. The criminal background check involves a search of sex offender databases, prison search, and criminal court records.

Background Checking For Jail and Prison Details

Jail is a center where people arrested for criminal offenses are housed either throughout the case or after conviction if the sentence is less than 12 months.

Get A Free Background Check

You don’t need to limit your DIY background history check to Escondido public and criminal records. You may use online information as well as social networks to attain knowledge regarding a person. It is always possible to dig more deeply, given that even old posts and pictures are digitalized and uploaded on the net.

Law Enforcement Background Check

The Records Division deals with all local Escondido Police Department info requests. Requests for information and facts come under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). If you need a local background record search, you may call the local Sheriff or Police Division.

Doing Background Checks By Using Various Databases

National Criminal Record
For the most comprehensive criminal record search, try a national criminal background check. With the national criminal background check sample, people can view a file that has been taken from a local county court and stored in a digital database.

California State Criminal Record
Official state criminal record checks are accessible in several states.

Escondido / County Criminal Records
Throughout the United States, there are around 3,000 different counties. County criminal background searches can help you get the data you need regarding any reports on file in the county courthouse.

Federal Criminal Records
While local and county court records may be found in the above criminal background searches, the federal criminal check is the only method to obtain criminal documents from the federal court system.

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