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A Fairfield inmate record is an official document containing information about an individual detained or incarcerated. This record includes the inmate’s name, birth date, crime committed, and additional important information. The prison or jail in which the inmate is held maintains the records.

Fairfield Resources

Fairfield Police Department (FPD Inmate Search)

1000 Webster St, Fairfield, CA 94533

(707) 428-7300

Daily Police Logs

Records & Reports


Solano County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO Inmate Locator)

530 Union Ave #100, Fairfield, CA 94533

Phone: (707) 784-7000

Inmate Search

Jail Booking Logs

Custody Division


Superior Court Criminal (Felony, Misdemeanor)


Onsite – Yes

600 Union Ave, #151 Fairfield, CA 94533


Solano County Jail

500 Union Ave, Fairfield, CA 94533

Phone: (707) 784-7100



Claybank Detention Facility

2500 Clay Bank Rd, Fairfield, CA 94533

Phone: (707) 784-7190



Solano County Juvenile Detention Facility

740 Beck Ave, Fairfield, CA 94533

Phone: (707) 784-6570


Fairfield Inmate Search Online

You have a few options to do a Fairfield inmate search online. On the Department of Corrections website, you can research inmates by name or ID number; the same can be done locally with jails and courts.

California State Prison VS County Jail

There is an assortment of differences between jails and prisons in the USA. The state government usually manages prisons, while localities and counties manage jails. Fairfield jails tend not to hold inmates longer than prisons. They are also smaller in size compared to prisons. Inmates in prison are often those who have been charged but not convicted of a crime. Meanwhile, California prisoners are those convicted of a crime and sentenced to time served. They are often held longer than prisoners and may be subjected to more strict conditions. There are also differences between these types of facilities, like the types of inmates, held, the level and security of the inmates, how often they are allowed out of their cells, and how much contact they have with outsiders.

California Prison Inmate Search

The most effective online search tool is the California state DOC database. You can do this by visiting the state department website and locating the inmate portal.

Fairfield Jail Inmate Search

You’ll discover a few techniques to determine if a relative or friend is in a Fairfield jail. You can call the county jail to inquire if the person in question is there. A online-based search tool can also be used, such as those offered by local government sites.

Fairfield Jail Mugshots

Fairfield mugshots are taken after an individual is booked in jail or transferred. Law enforcement agencies can employ them to identify people who were arrested in connection to a crime. They can also be a media tool to inform the public about arrests.

Fairfield Jail Log

A jail log is a public record of the individuals booked into a Fairfield jail. The log includes identifying details about each individual, like their name and date of birth, as well as the charges they are facing. Jail logs are typically accessible to regular people online and can be searched by name or case number.

Fairfield Jail Roster

Fairfield jail rosters are deemed public records in many jurisdictions and are typically available for inspection by the general public. In some instances, the jail roster may be sealed by court order.

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