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A Fresno inmate record is a document of inmates held by government institutions. The inmate file includes information about the inmate, their criminal history, and any previous or current confinements. Law enforcement agencies can use inmate records to track and monitor inmates’ whereabouts and activities.

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Fresno Resources

Fresno Police Department (FPD Inmate Locator)

2323 Mariposa St #2075, Fresno, CA 93721

(559) 621-7000

Records & Reports



Fresno County Sheriff’s Office (FCSD Inmate Locator)

2200 Fresno St, Fresno, CA 93721

Inmate Info (559) 600-8600

Inmate Search

Jail Division

Records Unit



Superior Court Criminal (Felony, Misdemeanor, Traffic, Domestic Violence)


Onsite – Yes

1100 Van Ness Ave Fresno, CA 93724




Main Jail

1225 M Street Fresno, CA  93721

Phone: (559) 600-8600




North Annex Jail

1265 M Street Fresno, CA  93721

Phone: (559) 600-8600




South Annex Jail

2280 Fresno Street Fresno, CA  93721

Phone: (559) 600-8600


Fresno Inmate Search Online

There are a few options to search for information about Fresno inmate records. You have two options: search through the federal or state prisons system website, or go online to search. You’ll need their name or identification number to search for an inmate on the federal prison system or state site. If you don’t have the information you need, you could search for the inmate using their birth date, race, and gender. Once you find the right person to search for, you can view their criminal records, parole information, and current place.

California State Prison VS County Jail

Jails and prisons are both correctional facilities that hold those accused of a crime. There are a few key differences between the two. Local sheriffs normally run jails. These jails are used for people who have been detained and are awaiting trial. For people convicted of felonies, prisons are operated by the federal or state governments. Prisons tend to have higher security than jails.

California Prison Inmate Search

You may wonder how to locate a loved one in prison. First, contact the prison where they are held. Every state maintains a central database that lists all inmates under its care. This information is usually found on the state’s Department of Corrections website. You can contact the prison to find out more information once you know the name of the prison. The prison staff can tell you which cell your loved one is in and their visiting hours. If you cannot visit your loved one, they are other ways to get in touch with them. You may be able to send mail directly to inmates at their prison address in some instances.

Fresno Jail Inmate Search

There are many ways to locate someone in jail in Fresno. You can call the jail directly to ask for information or look up an inmate online through a county or local police department database. These websites are often available for most jails. Or you can contact the jail directly to get information about the inmate. Each method has pros and cons, so it’s up to you to choose which one works best for you. 

Fresno Jail Mugshots

Fresno jail mugshots can have several different uses. They can help identify an inmate, track an inmate’s movements, and monitor an inmate’s behavior. Additionally, jail mugshots can be used by law enforcement agencies to investigate crimes. Finally, jail mugshots can also be used by the media to report on crime.

Fresno Jail Log

You can find out who is in jail by looking at the jail log. The jail log lists all the inmates who are currently in the facility, as well as their booking information. You can access the booking information to learn about inmates’ criminal history.

Fresno Jail Roster

Lists of inmates are called inmate jail rosters. These lists are often public and include the name of the person, their booking photo, charges, and bail information. The public can see who is in jail and for what reason. They are also used to keep track of inmates so that staff can provide the required services.

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