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Fullerton inmate records are files kept on each detainee in the jail or prison system. It includes information about the inmates, their sentencing, and other related details.
Staff use these records to monitor and track inmates. Law enforcers have the option to work with them for investigations of crimes. Although most information in inmate records is public, some of it may not be available or sealed.

Fullerton Resources

Fullerton Police Department (FPD Inmate Search)

237 W Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832

Phone: (714) 738-6800

Inmate Information

Request Police Report


Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD Inmate Search)

550 N. Flower Street Santa Ana, CA 92703

(714) 647-7000 or (949) 770-6011

Search Jail Inmate By Name

Arrest Log

Inmate Information

Superior Court Santa Ana Criminal Operations (Felony, Misdemeanor)


Onsite – Yes

700 Civic Center Dr W Santa Ana, CA 92702



Fullerton City Jail

237 W Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832

Phone: (714) 738-6800



Fullerton Inmate Search Online

The internet is the best resource for you to do a Fullerton inmate search for records. Once you find the right website, you can research inmate records by the inmate’s name and date of birth. This information is available on the state Department of Corrections website and local jails.

California State Prison VS County Jail

There are a few differences between jails and prisons. Jails are typically smaller than prisons, and they are run by either the county or the city. This means there is usually less red tape involved in getting things done in jail. In addition, inmates in Fullerton jail typically serve shorter sentences when compared to those in California prison or maybe awaiting trial.

California Prison Inmate Search

There are a handful of tools for finding someone in a California prison. The best way to find someone is to go to the state DOC and check the inmate search tool. You can generally search them by the name on file.

Fullerton Jail Inmate Search

Visit the website or contact the sheriff’s office of the county of the arrest. If you don’t know the county where the person was brought into custody, you should figure this out to help narrow your search down.
A bail bondsman, private investigator, or other professionals can help locate a person in Fullerton CA.

Fullerton Jail Mugshots

A Fullerton mugshot is a photograph that shows arrested people. These photos are taken by the police when someone is booked in jail. They are looked at as public records, meaning that anyone can pull them up.
People view county jail photos for many reasons: They might be friends with someone who was arrested and want to see their faces, or they might be curious about criminals. No matter the reason, anyone can view county jail mugshots.

Fullerton Jail Log

Jail logs are looked at as public records in pretty much all jurisdictions. Just about any person can request access to these records from the relevant Fullerton government agency.

Fullerton Jail Roster

A Fullerton jail roster is simply a list containing names of those being held or who have been arrested. This list is used to keep track by the police of who was arrested and what they are doing. The court system uses the jail list to see who is in jail and who needs to be brought before them.

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