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Ontario inmate records are documents of people court convicted or sentenced to imprisonment for a crime. These records consist of the inmate’s name and date of birth, as well as information about their sentence length and other identifying details. Also, inmate records can include information regarding the inmate’s behavior while in custody, such as disciplinary actions given to them.

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Ontario Resources

Ontario Police Department (OPD Inmate Search)

2500 S Archibald Ave, Ontario, CA 91761

Phone: (909) 395-2001



San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department (SBCSD Inmate Locator)

655 E 3rd St, San Bernardino, CA 92415

Phone: (909) 884-0156

Jail Inmate Locator

Detention and Corrections Bureau


San Bernardino District Superior Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Traffic)


Onsite – Yes

247 W 3rd St San Bernardino, CA 92415-0210



Ontario Inmate Search Online

If you are looking for someone incarcerated, the best place to do a Ontario inmate search is the internet. Several websites will allow you to search for inmates by name on file, race, and gender.
Another way is to search for inmates by their location and the type of facility they are in. Once you find the inmate you are interested in, you can click on their name to view more information about them. With this information, you’ll see their offense, sentence length, and projected release date.

California State Prison VS County Jail

The terms jail and prison sound synonymous to most people, but they have significant differences. Counties and local municipalities run Ontario jails. They are used to hold criminals who have been incarcerated and are awaiting trial. Meanwhile, prisons are run by federal or state governments. They are used to detain convicts who have been sentenced to over a year.

California Prison Inmate Search

The public can use several resources to find an inmate inside a state prison. State prison, for instance, has a website that reveals all the prisoners in their system. The other resource is the Federal national inmate locator website.

Ontario Jail Inmate Search

There are a few options to check if a person is in a Ontario jail. You can directly ask the county jail if they are holding the person or use the online search tools offered by many government websites or public databases, or try contacting the court for far more details if the person.

Ontario Jail Mugshots

To view an inmate’s mugshot in Ontario, contact the sheriff’s office or the jail directly. Another way is to look up the inmate online through common search engines like Google. Just type in the inmate’s name and “mugshot,” and you should be able to find several results. Keep in mind that not all inmates will have mugshots available, so you might not find one for every inmate.

Ontario Jail Log

A Ontario jail log keeps track of all jail inmates. It includes their name as well as their bail information and charges. It is public information accessible to anyone who needs it. Jail logs are helpful to quickly locate an individual who has been detained and get more information about their specific crime.

Ontario Jail Roster

There is a variety of ways you can locate a Ontario jail list. Among the options is to go online and find the jail’s website. After you have accessed the website, you should find a page that will show you the jail roster.

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