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Oxnard inmate records are public documents that contain details about individuals who have been arrested and incarcerated. These records can be useful for various things, such as finding out if someone has a criminal history or checking an inmate’s case status. Inmate records are typically available through government websites or by request from the court where the inmate was tried.

Oxnard Resources

Oxnard Police Department (OPD Inmate Search)

251 S C St, Oxnard, CA 93030

(805) 385-7600



Ventura County Sheriff’s Office (VCSO Inmate Locator)

800 S Victoria Ave, Ventura, CA 93009

(805) 654-2380

Inmate Information

Detention Services


Superior Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Civil, Eviction, Small Claims, Traffic, Ordinance, Family, Probate)

Online Civil and Probate

Online Criminal

Onsite – Yes

800 S Victoria Ave, #218 Ventura, CA 93009


Oxnard Inmate Search Online

There is a way to do a Oxnard inmate search online for inmate records. One option would be to search the state Department of Corrections website; another would be to access local jail records via the sheriff or the courts.

California State Prison VS County Jail

Prisons are typically larger facilities that house inmates convicted of more serious crimes. In comparison, jails are smaller facilities that primarily hold people awaiting trial or sentencing. In addition, prisoners are usually under the jurisdiction of state or federal authorities, while jail inmates are usually under the jurisdiction of local authorities. And finally, California prisoners typically serve sentences of one year or more, while Oxnard jail inmates typically serve sentences of less than one year.

California Prison Inmate Search

If you have a friend or family member incarcerated in a California prison, you may wonder how to find them. Each state’s central database reveals all the inmates in its custody. You can usually find this information on the state’s Department of Corrections website.

Oxnard Jail Inmate Search

If you’re trying to find someone in a Oxnard jail, there are several options you can do it. The easiest way is to use search engines like Google or Bing. Just type in the county and the word “jail” and see what comes up.
If that doesn’t work, try looking up the person’s name on the county courts.

Oxnard Jail Mugshots

You can view a Oxnard mugshot of an inmate by visiting the sheriff’s department website.

Oxnard Jail Log

Law enforcement agencies use Oxnard jail logs to keep track of inmates being held in custody.

Oxnard Jail Roster

Oxnard jail rosters are lists of inmates who are held in jail. These lists are typically public records and can be found online. Jail rosters usually list the name, bail amount, and date of arrest.

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