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There could be numerous reasons for inspecting another person’s Pomona criminal record. Likely, it’s someone conducting a background check to ensure another has no history of physical violence or theft. Or someone could be going on a date and looking up the other person. Others might simply be curious. Regardless of the objective, criminal records in the United States are public, and as long as procedures are followed, any person can access them.

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Local Pomona CA Criminal Resources.

Pomona Police Department
490 W Mission Blvd, Pomona, CA 91766
Phone: (909) 620-2155
Public Records

Los Angeles Superior Court (Felony and Misdemeanor)
Online – Web
Onsite – Yes
210 W Temple St, 2nd Fl, Rm M6 Los Angeles, CA 90012

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
211 W Temple St, Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 229-1700
Jail Inmate Information
Records and Identification Bureau
LA’s Most Wanted
Sex Offenders

Pomona Superior Court
400 Civic Center Plaza, Pomona, CA 91766
Phone: (909) 802-1100

Pomona Court Records

United States court records, including criminal Pomona court records, are usually open to the public. These records can offer information about charges versus a person and any resulting sentences. While many court records are accessible, specific constraints do show up, such as the confidentiality of adolescent court records. Some states additionally have regulations permitting defendants to expunge criminal records under certain conditions. To access criminal court records, you can go to the court clerk personally or request copies from the court.

Pomona Police Records

Several options are available if you suspect a person may have a Pomona criminal past. You can request a history check from the local police or browse public records databases online.

Arrest Records

While arrest records are public information in Pomona CA, restrictions exist regarding who can access them and how they may be utilized. Typically, only law enforcement agencies or government officials can request these records. To access arrest records, contact the police in the area where the arrest occurred or request records from the relevant county or state.

Inmate Records

Inspecting inmate records is an effective method to reveal someone’s Pomona criminal history. As these records are publicly available in many jurisdictions, they can be found conveniently, either online or offline. They can be obtained via the region sheriff’s office or state division of corrections. When asking for these records, ensure you have the complete name and birth date of the individual in question.

Categories Of Criminal Records:

Infraction Records

Infractions compose most cases in the USA. An infraction is a small violation, typically punishable by a fine or nonjail penalty. While traffic violations are one of the most common infractions in Pomona, numerous other kinds exist.

Misdemeanor Records

Pomona misdemeanors are criminal offenses less severe than felonies, yielding fines such as fines, probation, or jail time.
Common offenses include trespassing, vandalism, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, and petty theft. Usually, individuals convicted of misdemeanors are placed on probation or do jail time.

Pomona Felony Records

Carrying out a Pomona felony records search can generate invaluable information when working with someone or looking into a potential partnership. These records can disclose if an individual has a history of severe criminal actions.

Pomona Sex Offender Records

Public Pomona sex offender registries provide essential information concerning convicted sex offenders to the general public. These registries typically include the offender’s name, address, photo, and conviction details, allowing community members to safeguard themselves and their families.

Pomona Dui / Dwi Records

A Pomona DUI conviction can generate penalties like a jail sentence, penalties, and suspension of your driver’s license. Additional repercussions might include installing an ignition interlock device in your vehicle and difficulties acquiring an insurance policy.

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