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California real estate records can be identified as legal papers or documentation consisting of vital information regarding land or residential property. Ordinarily, the expression “property records” is also used to refer to a land deed–an indicator of the person possessing the real estate.

Property records in California are maintained at the recorder of deeds office. The department is responsible for holding information having to do with all transfers along with significant records associated with real estate in a specific region.

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Most Populous Countries.

Los Angeles County Property Records: Top City Los Angeles
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San Diego County Property Records: Top City San Diego
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Orange County Property Records: Top City Santa Ana
Property Records: Property documents can be found at and a GIS map search is at

Riverside County Property Records: Top City Riverside
Property Records: County real estate records can be looked at

Property Tax Records In California.

Property tax is also named mileage tax. It is a tax that every homeowner is obligated to pay. Real estate tax is a notable form of revenue for California town governments.

Are California Real Estate Records Public Records.

Every municipality has an office or agency where people may go and find information concerning any property. The files are usually kept at the town hall, the county’s courthouse, or the county recorder’s office.

The majority of California public county departments have highly-qualified and experienced personnel. They will have the capacity to aid you with any matter you have a concern regarding.

For instance, you can figure out using the federal or county court if a house owner is involved in a judicial proceeding or has applied for bankruptcy.

How To Find Out Who Owns A California Property (By Name And By Address).

Over the last two decades, the use of the internet has permitted considerable improvements in people’s ability to search for residential or commercial property information over the internet. U.S. residents have an increasing number of options available to them when searching for California public tax documents, including the chance to work with the register of deeds. This can empower the researcher to figure out who owns a residential or commercial property with very little information. The first piece of the needed information is what county the house is located in, followed by the physical address or owner’s name.

Free Property Owner Search.

Most individuals don’t know, but there is a way anyone may browse California real estate records free of charge. There are several websites provided for individuals to look for residential or commercial property files and deeds.
The department of records generally keeps copies of deeds– just in case the owner loses his or if the deed is disputed in a court of law.

What is California GIS Search?

GIS or Geographic Information Systems is a form of visual information that enriches the records held by a regional tax agency in California. The use of GIS software applications makes it very simple for more data to be grasped using graphics and maps, which build on the common information stored with every deed of ownership.