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Sacramento County inmate records are a useful resource for correctional facilities and the general public. Inmate records can provide important information about an inmate’s criminal history, sentence length, and location. Inmate records can also help loved ones stay informed about an inmate’s well-being and progress while incarcerated. Inmate records are an important part of the criminal justice and can help keep everyone safe.

Sacramento County Resources

Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office (SCSD Inmate Locator)

4500 Orange Grove Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95841


Inmate Information

Records and Warrants


Sacramento Division Superior Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Juvenile, Traffic, Ordinances)

Public Case Access System


Onsite – Yes

720 9th St, #102/#101 Sacramento, CA 95814



Sacramento County Main Jail

651 I St, Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 874-6752



Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center

12500 Bruceville Rd, Elk Grove, CA 95757

Phone: (916) 874-1927



California State Prison – Sacramento

100 Prison Rd, Represa, CA 95671

Phone: (916) 985-8610



Federal Prison System

650 Capitol Mall 2nd floor, Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 930-2010


Sacramento County Jail Inmate Search Online

Online Sacramento County inmate searches are the best way to find inmate records. Search for inmate records online at your state’s Department of Corrections website or a national database. You will need their full name, date of birth, prisoner number, and last known location, all important information. You can then search for inmate records to find out where they are incarcerated.

California State Prison VS Sacramento County Jail

There are key differences between county jails and state prisons. One, prison is designed for long-term stays, while jail is intended for short-term stays of less than a year. This is because prisoners are convicted of severe offenses, while jail inmates are awaiting trial or are sentenced to a shorter period. The state government also runs the prison, while the county government usually manages the jail. Prison houses more severe offenders, so prison has a higher level of security than jail. Prisons are more likely to offer rehabilitation programs than jails.

California Prison Inmate Search

To locate an inmate inside a state prison, first identify their prison, which you can do by visiting your local Department of Corrections website. Once the prison is identified, it is often possible to search for the inmate with their name or identification number. In some instances, it may be possible for you to search by another criterion, such as race or gender. If the online tool cannot find the inmate, you may need to contact the prison directly to obtain more information.

Sacramento County Jail Inmate Search

There are two ways to find someone in jail in Sacramento County. You can search the jail’s site online or call them directly and ask for details. If you have the person’s name, you may also be able to search public records. Be aware that not all jails release information on inmates. A private service that specializes in this type of search might also be able to help you find someone in jail.

Sacramento County Jail Mugshots

County jail mugshots include photographs of those who have been taken into custody by the Sacramento County sheriff. These mugshots are usually taken after a person has been booked into the county jail. They are generally available to the public. These mugshots from the county jail can be valuable when researching someone’s criminal record. 

Sacramento County Jail Log

A Sacramento County jail log includes an inmate’s criminal record, current charges, and bail amount. It can also provide their mugshot and other information. This information can be beneficial in determining a person’s eligibility for bail.

Sacramento County Jail Roster

A Sacramento County jail roster is a list of all current inmates in a jail. Jail rosters allow you to track who is in jail and where. They are used to ensure inmates receive the proper care and attention. Jail rosters usually get updated on a daily base.

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