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There are different methods to obtain a Salinas criminal record. These include contacting your local police department, county courthouse, or the state police.
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Local Salinas CA Criminal Resources.

Salinas Police Department
312 E Alisal St, Salinas, CA 93901
Phone: (831) 758-7090
Request a Report

Superior Court Salinas Division (Felony, Misdemeanor, Juvenile)
Online – Web
Onsite – Yes
240 Church St Salinas, CA 93901

Monterey County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO)
1414 Natividad Rd, Salinas, CA 93906
Inmate Search
Records Division
Most Wanted
Sex Offenders

Municipal Court
240 Church St # 121, Salinas, CA 93901
Phone: (831) 775-5400
Traffic Services

Salinas Court Records

To search for criminal records, the Salinas court system is a great starting point. Courts maintain records of all criminal situations in their system. To begin your search, consider calling your regional court, where most regional criminal instances are settled.

Salinas Police Records

Police records are an important resource of details when investigating a person’s Salinas criminal past. Get in touch with the police headquarters where the specific person lives or has lived and ask about arrest records.

Arrest Records

If safety and security are a concern, examining arrest records can be a good step in ensuring the wellness of yourself or others. While an arrest does not correspond to guilt, it can provide assurance and assist you in making educated decisions about people in Salinas CA.

Inmate Records

Inmate records are public information in the United States and Salinas CA and can be accessed via an easy Freedom of Information Act request.
These records usually contain details like the inmate’s name, crime, day of birth, race, sex, mugshot, fingerprints, and other identifying information.
Both federal and state governments keep these records, each with its particular procedure.

Categories Of Criminal Records:

Infraction Records

Salinas infractions, including actions like running a yellow light, speeding, or public drunkenness, are serious criminal activities. Nonetheless, they can still result in charges such as fines or, occasionally, jail time.

Misdemeanor Records

A Salinas misdemeanor conviction can bring about a number of consequences, including a jail sentence, fines, probation, or a record of criminal history.

Salinas Felony Records

If you’re inquiring regarding somebody’s criminal past, a Salinas felony records search is a great place to begin. Felonies are serious criminal activities, possibly having jail or prison time attached to them.
Murder, rape, and also robbery are instances of felonies. Felony records can be discovered by requesting court records from your court or by searching federal and state data sources.

Salinas Sex Offender Records

A Salinas sex crime registry, an openly available index that includes the names of convicted sex offenders, offers info regarding where sex offenders live, along with their criminal backgrounds.

Salinas Dui / Dwi Records

A Salinas DUI conviction will be documented on your record, impacting your capacity to do certain things and insurance rates. Remember, drunk driving records are public, suggesting anyone can access them.
Convictions might require you to complete a court-ordered alcohol education or treatment program and can have penalties such as penalties, jail time and license suspension.

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