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Individuals might have various reasons for wanting to check San Bernardino County criminal records. For example, you could be considering a babysitter or caregiver and need to validate their history, or you may be curious about a new neighbor. No matter the reason, a criminal record can serve as a valuable reference of somebody’s personality and assistance to protect you and your family from potential harm.

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Local San Bernardino County CA Criminal Resources.

San Bernardino District Superior Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Traffic)
Online –
Onsite – Yes
247 W 3rd St San Bernardino, CA 92415-0210

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department (SBCSD)
655 E 3rd St, San Bernardino, CA 92415
Phone: (909) 884-0156
Website –
Information Services
Jail Inmate Locator
Sex Offenders

San Bernardino Police Department
710 N D St, San Bernardino, CA 92401
Phone: (909) 384-5742
Records Bureau

San Bernardino County Court Records

San Bernardino County court data sources can be excellent starting points when researching a person’s criminal background. These data sources consist of a wide range of information regarding criminal instances and convictions. Nonetheless, not all court records are public, and certain information might be hard to obtain. Additionally, navigating these databases can be complex, so it’s vital to identify how to utilize them right.

San Bernardino County Police Records

San Bernardino County police records can provide insight into a person’s potential criminal history. Numerous methods exist to get these records, such as calling your local police division, state police, and even the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for records.

Arrest Records

To access somebody’s arrest records, consider working with the San Bernardino County police department. These records can provide important info regarding previous arrests and might include information on current charges that don’t have a conviction yet.
Ideally, it is best to call the police in the territory where the arrest occurred, as they are most likely to have the most thorough records.

Inmate Records

In an endeavor to keep openness regarding inmates, the state and federal government makes inmate public records readily available online. Call the appropriate region sheriff or state corrections department to acquire these records in San Bernardino County CA or other areas.

Categories Of Criminal Records:

Infraction Records

Infractions in San Bernardino County CA, including speeding, no insurance, and running stop lights, comprise many infraction offenses.

Misdemeanor Records

San Bernardino County misdemeanors cover many offenses, such as theft, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, and minor in possession. The consequences of misdemeanors, depending upon their seriousness and jurisdiction, can include monetary fines, probation or social work, and brief jail sentences.

San Bernardino County Felony Records

A San Bernardino County felony is a serious criminal activity punishable by as much as death or imprisonment exceeding one year.
In many states, felonies are categorized into first-degree, one of the most significant, and third-degree, the least serious.
A criminal background check focuses on felony-type records. The period a felony remains on your record depends on the extent of the criminal offense; a first-degree felony conviction continues to be on your record for life, whereas a third-degree felony may not be a thing after seven years.

San Bernardino County Sex Offender Records

Getting info regarding San Bernardino County sex offenders can be challenging but not impossible. Online research is typically one of the most reliable approaches, with many official websites providing this info free.
Your local police department website can be a useful source, as numerous keep a listing of sex offenders within their jurisdiction.

San Bernardino County Dui / Dwi Records

There are two primary sorts of San Bernardino County DUI (Driving Drunk) charges: misdemeanors and felonies. Misdemeanor DUI charges typically result when a driver is discovered running a car intoxicated with alcohol, drugs, or other impairing compounds.
In contrast, a felony DUI charge is normally filed when such impairment causes serious consequences, such as harming or killing someone.

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