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San Mateo County Criminal Background Check

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The background check remains to be the most essential instrument when it comes to researching past track records on other people. While many background checks reveal clean records, it will still be important to conduct this research. That is why choosing the best databases for doing San Mateo County background record checks is important. If the source cannot produce the documents necessary with the dependability needed, this could bring about deficiency of or overlooked details. That being said, we’ve selected the best state and local background check resources for you right here.

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San Mateo County Local Resources

San Mateo County Superior Court (Felony, Civil over $25,000, Probate, Family)
Online Database 1 –
Online Database 2 –
Onsite – Yes
400 County Center, 1st Fl, Rm A Redwood City, CA 94063

San Mateo County Real Estate
Grantor/Grantee Search –
Fictitious Business Names –
Property Map Portal –

San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office
400 County Center, Redwood City, CA 94063
Phone: (650) 216-7676
Inmate Locator –
Criminal Records Bureau –

San Mateo County Criminal Background Checks And Screenings

90% of business employers and 80% of property managers carry out San Mateo County criminal background checks. A criminal record or arrest may result in an enduring obstacle to residence leasing, employment, and building a solid credit standing.

Criminal Activity & Criminal Arrest Details

The method of acquiring jail records will vary from the procedure for finding prison records. People generally mistake jail for prison and the other way around. There are particular distinctions between the two. San Mateo County jails are intended for short-term holding of inmates and non-inmates, and prisons are intended for long-lasting inmate retaining. Prisons hold people who are convicted of felony crimes and sentenced to incarceration. Usually, men and women are taken to prison if their term is one year or longer.

Free Background Check Run By San Mateo County Public Records

Public information is criminal and civil recordings that are usually accessible for public view and are often attained from a legal court free of charge or a small fee. They generally contain criminal records, civil recordings (small claims and circuit civil in San Mateo County), family and probate, and bankruptcy courts. They are housed at different places, often in various county courthouses.

Police History

Police examine criminal offenses and detain people; however, they never accuse people of criminal offenses. Allegations are registered by prosecutors – for example a district attorney’s office – and a court case is mainly opened up when a person has been legally accused.

Thus, San Mateo County police reports aren’t part of the court system, and records like arrest reports or perhaps offense/accident reports kept at police divisions are not believed to be available to the general public as court records are.

Thereby not many police investigative records are published over the internet.

There are two significant types of records published by police – arrest records and criminal offense or incident information.

Arrest Report
This particular report provides specifications on an arrest made by police.

Crime or Incident Report
This kind of record presents info on police responses to citizen-required support, reports of accidents, or maybe reports of violations being done.

Varieties of Background Checks Repositories Available

National Criminal History Data Base Search
There isn’t an official national record check, whether via the government or even private sector, which identifies every criminal offense ever committed. Nevertheless, currently, there are criminal history databases readily available that consist of an incredible number of criminal conviction records and include much of the United States Of America. Such databases are often found and used to boost regional criminal history research. This is advantageous in extending the search across the country nevertheless should not be used as a stand-alone source for your background assessment.

California State or San Mateo County Criminal Record Check
A Statewide or Countywide (based on the jurisdiction) criminal background check is carried out to record all misdemeanor and felony convictions in that jurisdiction. The investigation needs to be performed in the jurisdiction having the lengthiest and most current residency.

Federal Criminal Background check
A federal criminal record check will reveal if a person has had any sort of criminal incidents submitted against them violating federal criminal legislation. It is a search of a certain federal district court jurisdiction.

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