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Santa Barbara County inmate records are records that include an inmate’s criminal history as well as any previous or current incarcerations. This information is valuable for both corrections personnel and the general population. It can help track inmate behavior and offer insight into their potential danger to society. Most inmate records are accessible online. However, the detail will depend on the state or county in which the inmate is held.

Santa Barbara County Resources

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office (SBSO Inmate Locator)

215 E Figueroa St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Phone: (805) 897-2465

Who Is In Custody

Records Bureau

Custody Operations


Superior Court Criminal (Felony, Misdemeanor, Traffic, Small Claims)


Onsite – Yes

Court Calendars

118 E Figueroa St Santa Barbara, CA 93101



Santa Barbara County Main Jail

4436 Calle Real Santa Barbara, CA 93110

(805) 681-4260



Northern Branch Jail

2301 Black Road Santa Maria, CA 93455

(805) 554-3100


Santa Barbara County Jail Inmate Search Online

For finding records of inmates, the internet is a great tool. It is easy to find inmate records by doing a simple Santa Barbara County inmate search. You can usually find their records on their website if you have the name of the facility where the inmate is being held. You can also search the records of inmates on private or government websites. Some states restrict who can view inmate records. You may be required to provide your contact information and name to view certain records.

California State Prison VS Santa Barbara County Jail

Most people are familiarized with state prisons and county jails. But they might not be aware of the differences between them. Both places are where people are imprisoned, but there are important distinctions. People convicted of a more serious crime, such felony, are often held in state prison. They tend to stay for longer periods. At the same time, county jails are often for those convicted of misdemeanors or less severe crimes. They typically stay there for just a few short days to weeks. The conditions in state prisons are generally more severe than in county jails. Additionally, prisoners are restricted in their freedoms and have fewer rights. 

California Prison Inmate Search

There are many ways to locate someone in prison, whether they are a friend or a family member. You can use an online search to locate someone inside prison through the state department’s website or a private search. It is vital to check that the prison your friend, relative, or other family member is in is on their database. You may also use a privately-owned search service which often charges a fee. Be careful when giving personal information out to any third parties. But you can contact the prison directly if you do not wish to use an online search engine. In most cases, you will need the inmate’s name and date of birth. Once you have all the necessary information, the prison should inform you if the inmate has been incarcerated.

Santa Barbara County Jail Inmate Search

The Santa Barbara County sheriff’s department is the best place to begin your search for an inmate at a county jail. You should be able to find information from the office about how to locate an inmate. This information may also be available online. You can also contact the jail directly. When you call, have the inmate’s full name and birth date. Other identifying information such as the booking number may also be required. The staff at the jail will be able to help you locate the inmate once you have these details.

Santa Barbara County Jail Mugshots

Public records in most jurisdictions include mugshots of inmates. The public can request access to the records by contacting the relevant government agency. Sometimes mugshots are available online. In other cases, the requester may need to send a written request.

Santa Barbara County Jail Log

Online is the best place to look for someone in a jail record log. You will usually find jail logs on the website of the police department or your local sheriff. If you don’t find the jail log you are looking for, contact the department and ask for it. Sometimes, you can find jail logs through a public record request.

Santa Barbara County Jail Roster

The public is entitled to view all criminal justice records in the United States. This includes jail rosters, which indicate who is currently in prison and their charges. Although anyone can access these records, there are limitations on how and who can use them.

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