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An arrest or search warrant in Santa Barbara County CA is a legal document that gives the police the go-ahead to perform a certain action. The location to be searched and the person or item to be seized must be specified in the warrant, which an oath or affirmation must back.

Resources in Santa Barbara County.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office (SBSO Warrant Search)
4434 Calle Real, Santa Barbara, CA 93110
Phone: (805) 681-4100

Superior Court Criminal (Felony, Misdemeanor, Traffic, Small Claims)
Online – Web
Onsite – Yes
Court Calendars – Web
118 E Figueroa St Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Santa Barbara Police Department
215 E Figueroa St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Phone: (805) 897-2465
Police Warrant Guide

Santa Maria Police Department
1111 Betteravia Rd, Santa Maria, CA 93458
Phone: (805) 928-3781
Most Wanted

Santa Barbara County Warrant Search Online

There are a number of different ways to search for a warrant in Santa Barbara County CA. Asking for help from the police in your area is one option. They should be able to assist you and provide you with the information you want.
Searching for a warrant lookup online is an additional option. To choose which website is best for you, try to go to the source as closely as possible.
And lastly, you may look up the public records on your own if you have access to a computer. Visit the website for your county or look up relevant information in internet databases.

Using Court Documents

If you believe someone could be wanted for arrest, you can look up court records. In most states, this data is openly available and simple to acquire.
Go to the state or county website of the person’s residence to start your search for court documents. When you arrive, search for a website that displays “court records” or “public records.” You may search name or case number after you get to the appropriate page.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff Warrant Search

Contacting the sheriff’s office in the county where the individual you’re seeking for resides is a good place to start if you’re looking for warrant records. The sheriff’s office can let you know if that person is the subject of any active warrants. To discover if any information concerning warrants is available, you may also search internet databases of court documents.

Santa Barbara County Bench Warrant List

A warrant for a person to be brought before the Santa Barbara County court is known as a bench warrant and is issued by a judge. When a warrant is issued from the judge’s bench in a courtroom, it is referred to as “bench.”
A bench warrant is often issued when a defendant doesn’t show up for a scheduled court hearing or disobeys a court order. Other justifications, such as judicial disobedience, may also merit the issuance of a bench warrant. It is critical to respond swiftly if there is an active bench warrant for your arrest. You may learn more about your choices and take action to prevent getting arrested with the aid of a skilled criminal defense lawyer.

Santa Barbara County Arrest Warrants

An arrest warrant is a formal document that enables law enforcement to detain someone they suspect of committing or committed a crime. The information given by law enforcement that establishes probable cause that a crime has been committed and that the person listed on the warrant is accountable for the offense is taken into consideration before a judge issues an arrest warrant.

Fugitive On The Run

When a person runs away from justice, a fugitive arrest warrant is issued.

Search Warrant

Santa Barbara County police require a search warrant to enter your residence or place of business. A judge must be convinced that there has been a crime committed and that there is a good chance that the searched area will provide evidence of the crime for them to get one.

Free Santa Barbara County CA Warrant Search

You may perform a Santa Barbara County warrant search without charge on several websites. But getting in touch with the neighborhood police or sheriff’s office is the most effective approach to learning whether someone has an arrest warrant out for them.

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