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Santa Cruz County inmate records refer to records that contain information on inmates in prison or jail. These records can contain inmate name and number, race, gender, offense committed, and sentence length. This information is useful for law enforcement and corrections officials in making decisions about inmate housing and transfer. Researchers can also access inmate records to examine trends in crime and sentencing.

Santa Cruz County Resources

Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office (SCCSO Inmate Locator)

5200 Soquel Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95062

(831) 471-1121

Jail Inmate Viewer

Jail Info


Santa Cruz Superior Court Criminal (Felony, Misdemeanor, Traffic)


Onsite – Yes

701 Ocean St, Rm 120 Santa Cruz, CA 95060



Santa Cruz Main Jail

259 Water Street Santa Cruz, CA. 95060

(831) 454-7800



Rountree Medium Facility

90 Rountree Lane Watsonville, CA. 95076

(831) 454-7873



Blaine Street Facility

141 Blaine Street Santa Cruz, CA. 95060

(831) 454-2177



Santa Cruz County Juvenile

3650 Graham Hill Rd, Felton, CA 95018

Phone: (831) 454-3800


Santa Cruz County Jail Inmate Search Online

There are several ways to do a Santa Cruz County inmate search online for records of inmates. You can search for records online through your state’s Department of Corrections site or the county sheriff’s websites for inmate databases through an entire national database. You will need their full name and date of birth to locate an inmate’s record. With these, you will be able to find the records of most inmates.

California State Prison VS Santa Cruz County Jail

While most people are familiar with state prisons or county jails, they may not know their differences. The state and governments manage state prisons. On the other hand, local sheriffs run county jails that house detainees awaiting trial or sentencing. 

California Prison Inmate Search

There are several ways to find someone in prison. First, contact the prison directly. Every prison has its process, but all will require you to fill out a form containing the inmate’s name and ID number. You can also use an online search tool such as the US Department of Justice Prison Inmate Locator to search by name, birth date, and other criteria. You can also hire private investigators to help you find an inmate. This is the most costly option but may be necessary if there aren’t enough details. No matter your chosen method, ensure you have all the information you need before you start your search.

Santa Cruz County Jail Inmate Search

If you’re looking for someone in jail in Santa Cruz County, there are a few different ways to find them. You can search for an inmate by their name or ID number on the website of your local sheriff. Another option is to call the jail directly and ask for the inmate by name.

Santa Cruz County Jail Mugshots

Santa Cruz County jail mugshots are photos of people who have been taken and are being held at county jails. These mugshots help to identify people if they are again arrested. For reporting on crimes, the media sometimes uses mugshots.

Santa Cruz County Jail Log

Jail logs are kept to keep track of their movements in Santa Cruz County detention facilities. This information is helpful to both corrections staff as well as inmates. It can help ensure that everyone is always where they should be. In some cases, jail logs might also contain information on disciplinary actions against inmates and other notable events within the facility.

Santa Cruz County Jail Roster

There are a few ways that you can find a Santa Cruz County jail roster. One way is to look up the county sheriff’s office website. It might also be available on the website of the local court system. You can also find a jail roster by searching for it online.

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