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An arrest warrant is issued if there is probable reason to speculate an individual is guilty of committing a criminal offense. The arrest warrant is an affidavit authorized by a judge that specifies the arrestee’s name, location, and various other identifying info, as well as the type of unlawful act they’re accused of. A California judge or a magistrate must execute an arrest warrant. After the judge signs an arrest warrant, the police can take that person into custody.

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What is a California Bench Warrant?

A judge or magistrate is the official charged with declaring a bench warrant. A bench warrant in California is typically ordered when people don’t show up for court.

How to Find Out If You Have a Warrant in California?

You may have cause to suppose that either an California arrest or bench warrant is out there in your name. If so, here are a few things you can do to discover if that is the case.

  • Browse the web and locate the records for your local California area court or law enforcement department. In case you reside in a well-populated region of the state, you may most likely find that the files are revised frequently and include up to date details. Smaller areas might not feature web-based reports; therefore, you might have to get what you are searching for another way.
  • If you think that a federal warrant has is out for you, you will need to speak with the federal court over your region.
  • You can also call a bail bond agent in your region. Such professionals should know ways to look up arrest warrants that are active in the area.
  • A legal representative can be retained. Legal representatives have access to information that members of the public typically do not.
  • A police headquarters can help you figure out if there is an arrest warrant published in your name; however, remember that they may question you because of this.

What to Do if You Have an Outstanding Warrant?

If you do uncover that you have a California warrant out in your name, it is vital that you not make an effort to make a run for it. Leading transport hubs will have already been notified to keep you from leaving the country; therefore, it best not to even try it.

The warrant is not going to vanish, and so it is best not to ignore it. Keep in mind that there is no expiration time for an arrest warrant. Do not panic. Having an arrest warrant does not necessarily indicate you are going to be carted off to jail. Perhaps it’s possible that you merely need to pay a penalty or see a judge and get a ticket.

Review the California warrant if you get your hands on it. Determine when the charges were levied and what you are being accused of and where the affidavit was documented. Retain an attorney. Even though this will certainly cost you some money, the advice that you get will be invaluable as your case proceeds. A legal professional can help you figure out how best to give yourself up to the police if that is the option you need to take. It is important to get your bail negotiated ahead of time so you may reduce any time you spend sitting in jail.