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Yolo County inmate records refer to the information and documents that are kept on file in each correctional facility for each inmate. These records often include inmates’ names, dates of birth, crimes, sentences, lengths, and other important information. Prison staff can use inmate records for tracking prisoners and ensuring compliance with rules and regulations. Law enforcement agencies can also use them for investigating crimes and tracking offenders. The public can view most inmate records. However, certain information (such as medical records) may be restricted.

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Yolo County Resources

Yolo County Sheriff’s Office (YCSO Inmate Locator)

140 Tony Diaz Dr, Woodland, CA 95776

(530) 668-5280


Detention Services


Superior Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Civil, Juvenile, Infractions, Traffic)

Online Criminal

Onsite – Yes

1000 N Main St Woodland, CA 95695



Monroe Detention Center

140A Tony Diaz Dr, Woodland, CA 95776

Phone: (530) 668-5245



Yolo County Juvenile Hall

2880 E Gibson Rd, Woodland, CA 95776

Phone: (530) 406-5300


Yolo County Jail Inmate Search Online

Online Yolo County inmate search is the best place for you to find records of inmates. Many websites allow you to search inmate records. After finding the right website, you can enter the information required and hit search. Searches can be done by name. Some websites offer the option to search by inmate number or other identifying information. You can usually find the records you want within a matter of minutes.

California State Prison VS Yolo County Jail

There are many distinctions between prison and jail. While the county sheriff usually runs jails, prisons are managed by the state government. Jails house people who have been detained and are awaiting trial. For people convicted for a felony offense and currently serving a sentence that is more than one year in length, prisons are used. In both prisons and jails, inmates are usually separated by gender. Males and females are kept in separate areas.

California Prison Inmate Search

There are many ways to locate someone inside prison. You can use an internet search engine such as Google to find the prison or directly contact them. If you don’t know where the prison is located, call your state’s Department of Corrections. They can help.

Yolo County Jail Inmate Search

There are several options to search for someone in jail in Yolo County. You can search the databases of your counties, typically available online. You can also contact the jail directly for information on a particular inmate.

County Jail Mugshots

Yolo County mugshots are photos of people who have been detained. These photos are usually taken by police officers when someone is arrested. You can find mugshots online, in newspapers, and on television. These mugshots allow the public to see how criminals look.

Yolo County Jail Log

Yolo County jail logs, which are public records, can be accessed by anyone. A jail log is accessible to the courts or law enforcement agencies and can be used for official purposes (e.g., to investigate a crime or resolve civil disputes).

Yolo County Jail Roster

Jail rosters provide information about inmates currently in jail in Yolo County. A roster usually includes the inmate’s name, bail amount, charges, and mugshots. This information is helpful for family members and friends of inmates who wish to find out where they are held. It also helps employers verify the background of an applicant.

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